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Monday, March 21st, 2011
10:00 a.m.
Magnetawan Municipal Office

In attendance:

Council Members:    Mayor Sam Dunnett
Councillors: Jack Crossman, Charlie Gray, Bryan Hampson
Barry Mutton

Deputy Clerk:    James Mahoney

1.        Opening Remarks

2.        Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest – none

3.        Agenda

3.1     Special Meeting with Road Superintendent Ron Catcher
to discuss Tenders and Contracts

Resolution No. 2011-110

Moved by: Barry Mutton        Seconded by: Bryan Hampson

Be it resolved that the Council of the Municipality of Magnetwan accepts the Agenda to discuss the Tenders and Contracts with Ron Catcher (Road Superintendent).


Item 1    Culvert Tender

Last year cost $20,000.
Council discussed trying different companies perhaps for a better price.
Ron Catcher advised Council that culvert sizes are pretty standard as far as lengths and diameters go but  the ends that join the culverts are a different profile.
The couplers that would join two pieces of culvert are designed to join two pieces from the same manufacturer.  If he were required to adapt couplers that would join two different manufacturer’s culverts any saving gained would be spent on the special couplers.

Ron Catcher pointed out that the municipality is moving from steel to plastic as culverts are being replaced.  Plastic is as strong and will not rust therefore more durable.

Item 2    Garbage and Recycling Pickup in Town

Presently contracting one (1) year at a time.  This September Mr. Catcher would like to start renewing on a four (4) year basis.

Item 3    Sewer Cleaning on South Sparks St.  Catch Basins (New Last Year)

Mr. Catcher has no idea of what the costs will be but will Tender the job out and go with the best Tender. 

Item 4    Calcium Tender

This is a Bulk Tender that the Road Superintendent’s Association Awards the contract.  The Fourteen members of the Association order together and that way everyone gets a better price.  Eight to Nine of the members use liquid calcium.

Council asked the average annual amount used and Ron Catcher advised that 200 flaked tonnes.  The amounts were submitted to Clerk Mark Urbanski.

They do store liquid calcium at the shop.  Some is kept for small jobs and is normally a 35% calcium chloride mixture.

A copy of last years Tender for calcium to be distributed  to Councillors.  (handed out later, during the meeting)

Item 5    Street Sweeping

Copy of Street Sweeping given out as an example.  Council reviewed and discussed Street Sweeping with Mr. Catcher.  Ron Catcher suggests that Pickup with a broom is the best value.

Item 6    Half Loads – 5 tonnes per axle limit.

Discussion on placement of signs and enforcement.  No public scales close by and therefore enforcement is dependent on the M.T.O. Enforcement Unit with portable scales.  Vigilance by Roads Department and By-law officer watching haulers on municipal roads.

Item 7    Johnny on the Spot – potable toilet rentals

The Municipality normally uses four (4): one at the locks – horseshoe pits
one at the lower parking lot
one at Ahmic Harbour - beach by Hotel
one at Croft Athletic Field – ballpark

Item 8    Bridge Inspections – must be done every two years

Ron Catcher reports that two engineers are required to sign off on the condition of municipal bridges.  Magnetawan’s bridges must be done this year.  Mr. Catcher proposed that there be one tender to cover four years.  That would give the Municipality two cycles as they must be done every two years.

The cost the last time was approximately $6,000. The Municipality has 26 structures (anything over 3 metres or 9 feet) that must be checked.

This would be easier for the company doing the inspections as they will have all of the information on their systems and would not require the taking of new pictures each time the job is done.  It would also lock in the pricing for four years.

Councilor Charlie Gray brought up the Orange Valley Bridge wanting to know if the bridge was on footings.  He had concerns that it may be moving.  Ron Catcher assured him that it was and suggested that perhaps the earth before the bridge might move before the footings.  He will have his crew check the bridge.

Item 9    Monitoring Wells at the Landfill Sites

This again is a Tender for checking the wells twice a year for the ground water.  Ron Catcher would like to do this Tender for four years again.

This entails taking samples, transporting the samples to be tested and reporting the results.  The Ministry of the Environment requires a copy of the report.

Councilor Jack Crossman asked if it was defined as a “landfill” or a “dump”.  Ron Catcher advised that it was a “dump”.

The M.O.E. requires the reports land the Municipality should keep copies for the future expansion of the landfills as required.

Ron Catcher also advised that the Municipality should apply to the M.O.E. to come to the Chapman Site to approve an expansion of the site to 99,999 cubic metres.

Discussion brought up the fact that Armour Township was presently operating on an Emergency Certificate of Approval.  Also some discussion on other landfills in the area and the use of  “BFI” as the contractor.  Also that some are paying per load to haul to other landfill sites.  Ron Catcher gave a guestimate of approximately 800 tonnes of garbage went into the Chapman site in 2010.

Item 10    Hazardous Waste Day

This costs roughly $7000 each year.  Waste Diversion Ontario gives some money towards the cost.

The Municipality requires a special Certificate of Approval for the day.
It normally operates from 9 a.m. till 1.00 p.m.   The materials received are taken away and do not go to our landfills.

Discussion about some of the local shops will take motor oil.  Weidmarks was given as an example.

Item 11    Newspaper Ads/to pickup quotes for Gravel/Topsoil etc.

Gravel for road maintenance and topsoil for the Parks Department.

Ron Catcher mentioned that notices have been given to the four local suppliers in the Municipality: Miron, Fowler’s, Carr’s and Stewart’s pits.

Item 12    Summer Students

The Municipality normally hires six students each year; four for the locks (require two on at a time), one for the parking lot to check cars and one at the landfill to assist Vince.

There was some discussion about the landfill site and the need to abide by the Union Agreement.

Criteria to be followed to obtain the available grant money of $2 per hour.  Discussion as to the length of the hours for the students.
The locks require 36 hours per week for the duration of the summer.  The parking lot is normally for 6-7 weeks.

Item 13    Landfill – Statutory Holidays – Summer Hours

Ron Catcher would like to set the dates now so that there is no confusion.

Summer hours will carry through from the May 24th weekend to the Thanksgiving Weekend.

The Landfills will be closed on the following holidays:
Remembrance Day
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Years Day
Family Day

The Landfills will be open for ALL Summer Statutory Holidays

Chapman Landfill and the Croft Landfill Sites to be open Saturday and Sunday including Summer Holidays

Both Chapman and Croft Landfill Sites will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Discussion on the operation of the Landfills.  Is there a  need for taking down Licence Plate numbers?  Council also discussed logistics and the use of manpower at both sites.

Ron Catcher reported the collection of $10, 968 from tipping fees for last year (2010).

Item 14    Winter Sand Tender

Ron Catcher suggested a four year term.  Ask the price for one year and see if they will lock into the same price for up to four years.  He reported that there was some sand left this year.

Approximate estimate for this year would be $40,000 for sand mixed with salt.
There was some discussion about the cost and the amount needed.  Mr. Catcher reminded the Council that his sand serves 3 geographical townships and 2 towns.

Item 15    Gravel Tender

Ron Catcher estimated the need for $200,00 worth of gravel for the year 2011.  Last year they used $181,000.
Gravel cost includes dumping at site only.  The municipality must spread and grade.

Council and Mayor discussed the gravel program and it was decided not to do the gravel program this year but use the money to pay down the debt.

Ron Catcher mention that he had 1500 tonnes stored but he would like to up that to 3500 tonnes this year.

The was some discussion on the cost factor between picking up and delivery costs.  Ron Catcher will get costs for both.  Suggest stockpiling 3000.

Gravel program cancelled, money to be used to pay down debt.
Item 16    Surface Treatment

Construction in preparation of site done the year before and let it sit prior to the surface treatment.  3.5 km on Ahmic Lk. Road and 2.5 Km on Old Highway Road planned for this year.  Usually there is $100,000 in Budget.  Last year the municipality used $95,000.

Ron Catcher asked for a one year Tender.

Councilor Jack Crossman brought up the fact that the residents at the end of Fern Glen Road had paid for bringing up the road to M.T.O. standards.  There about 1.5 km. that should have some work done on it.

Ron Catcher advised that road milling was required but some work will be started this year.

Councilor Charlie Gray brought up the corner on Ahmic Lake Road near Paul Kenyons required some work.



Ron Distributed the Tender Prices for the 2010 Gravel – Granular “A” to all members of Council.

Item 17    Roadside Mowing

Last year Roadside Moving cost $5,170

Item 18    Roadside Brushing

Brushing Costs for the last 5 years average out at $41,562

Discussion of types of machines and the type of job they do.  Discussion on purchasing equipment for municipality deferred till next year due to financial situation.  Further discussion was held on the companies receiving the Tenders.
Suggested that local contractors be used when at all possible.

Item 19    Ditching

Ron Catcher reported that the five year average cost for ditching came to a total of $25,597.  Ditching goes out for a Tender and the municipality can express the type of equipment to be used, for example a ditching bucket.

The total cost for “roadside brushing” and “ditching” comes to a total of $67, 159, based on the average for the past five years.  (yearly cost would be $16, 432 per year)

There was a discussion on Tenders with Mr. Catcher and the Council.  It is desirable that Tenders be put out in such a fashion that all contractors have an opportunity to bid on them; “local contractors” in particular. 

Ron Catcher again suggested that the purchase of our own equipment would have our own people doing the work rather than Tenders.

There was discussion on the purchase of a piece of equipment; “an Excavator – 140 with the following equipment:   
i)    36” Construction Bucket with a thumb
ii)    a ditching bucket
iii)    a brushing head

Ron Catcher had looked into the price of such equipment with an estimated price of between $180-190,000, plus the extras.

There was some discussion regarding the equipment replacement costs, the pros and cons of owning/buying municipal equipment as opposed to Tendering.  The Council and Mr. Catcher discussed the cost factor as compared to the savings overall.

Ron Catcher mentioned that he did have an “equipment reserve” on hand.

Councilor Bryan Hampson still wants to Tender out mowing, brushing and ditching.
He made a request asking Ron Catcher for a list of roads to be brushed.

“Councilor Charlie Gray put forward an option; “What if we don’t brush? The roads are still in pretty good shape”.

Ron Catcher advised that next year the money would have to go back into the budget.  You can’t keep ignoring it.

Councilor Barry Mutton stated that if the machine (excavator) was bought next year Mr. Catcher would be able to get caught up.

Ron Catcher asked the Councilors not to forget that there is 520 km. of roads in the municipality.

There was further discussion regarding budget cuts.

Budget cuts

The gravel program ($200,000) and the brushing program ($41,500)

Ron Catcher again emphasized that if the program budgets are removed this year, the funding should be returned to his budget next year as you can not continue to let things go.

Item 20    Roads Department requires another employee

Mayor Sam Dunnett advised that this would not be discussed at this point.  Council still has to go through the budget.

Ron Catcher reminded Council of Health and Safety issues and gave an example of working near water.

The Mayor expressed a wish to wait until contract negotiations.

Resolution No. 2011 – 111

Moved by: Bryan Hampson            Seconded by: Barry Mutton

Be it resolved that the Council of the Municipality of Magnetawan moves to adjourn the meeting at 3:05 p.m.


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