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Low Hazard
Ignition of forest fuels will be difficult and spread potential is limited. No control problems.

Moderate Hazard
Grasses, dry branches will easily ignite. Spread to adjacent fuels would be slow. Control of fire may be difficult. Take normal precautions.

High Hazard
  Fires for cooking will be allowed.
Most forest fuels will ignite easily and spread rapidly. Control would be difficult.

Extreme Hazard
Restrictions will be in effect. No Open Burning Allowed. Fires for cooking are only allowed in recognized campgrounds. All other burning is restricted.
The forest fuels are dry and explosive. Sparks will ignite fuels easily and spread would be rapid; virtually impossible to control.
No Fireworks

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User Fees & Services Charges By Law # 2015-11

By-Law no. 2015-11 being a by-law

to amend User Fees & Services Charges

By-Law no. 2009-29


WHEREAS the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Magnetawan deems it necessary to amend the existing waste management user fees and charges.

NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Magnetawan hereby amend Schedule “B” of by-law no. 2009-29 to read as follows:

Fees                          Fees

Present  Fees                       June 1, 2015          November 1, 2015

Construction Waste

Present Fees
June 1st 2015
November 1st 2015
P/U Truck/Van$10.00$25.00$25.00
Single Axle Truck$75.00$135.00$270.00
Single Axle Trailer$20.00$25.00$25.00
Tandem Axle Truck 20 yard container$100.00$270.00$540.00
Tri-Axle Truck 40 yard container$150.00$540.00$1,080.00
Tandem Axle Trailer$50.00$75.00$150.00


P/U Truck/Van$25.00$65.00$65.00
Single Axle Trailer$25.00$62.50$125.00
Tandem Axle Trailer$50.00$270.00$540.00
Boats$1.00 per foot$2.00 per foot

THAT this by-law takes effect on the date of adoption.

ADOPTED  APRIL 22, 2015.

_______________________________                                            _____________________________

MAYOR                                                                                               CLERK

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