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Recreation Supervisor: For the past two summers the municipality has had a Recreation Supervisor tasked with developing and managing events for everyone to enjoy.  The municipality will be advertising for this position again in the spring, and we encourage anyone interested to begin developing their application.  Should you have an idea for an event or activity, please take the time to send your suggestions to our Clerk-Administrator, Andrew Farnsworth, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Magnetawan Community Development Committee: Magnetawan Council has approved an

extension to the mandate of the Recreation

Committee to include Cultural and Community Development Activities.  The Committee will also assume a new name, the Magnetawan Community Development Committee or MCDC, to reflect its mandate to enhance the quality of life for Magnetawan residents and guests. Some of the projects which the MCDC will focus on in 2017 are Canada’s 150th Anniversary Celebration, the Soap Box Derby, and the new Public Art Project.  The Public Art Project is a new cultural initiative that will seek to commission and install one large scale piece of artwork around the Municipality each year.  The MCDC and these activities will need your help to succeed.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit the website to review the MCDC Terms of Reference, or contact the Clerk-Administrator.


Magnetawan River Park: Magnetawan Council has provided support in principle to a new

Magnetawan River Park initiative in the region.  As a resident, you

already know that the Magnetawan River system, from Algonquin Park to Georgian Bay, is a natural wonderland of recreation and conservation opportunities. The proposed Magnetawan River Park Committee would be a volunteer collective of diverse community members with a focus on the conservation and appreciation of the river, lakes and surrounding lands. Magnetawan is hosting an open house to discuss the Park and Committee at the Community Centre, 4304 Highway 520 Magnetawan, on Thursday, March 9 at 6:30 P.M.  Come for the refreshments; stay for the Park! The draft Terms of Reference for this Committee are posted on the Municipality of Magnetawan’s website, or contact the Clerk-Administrator for more details.


Public Works: The PW department has a permanent full-time staff of six, plus up to another six                                           temporary labourers in the summer.  The PWD maintains about 220 km of road as well as twenty-five bridges and major culverts, in addition to the replacement of many smaller diameter culverts, ditching, brushing, grading, and dust-control, all very necessary to maintaining the structural integrity of Magnetawan’s transportation system.  In winter, snow-ploughing and sanding are the PWD’s main activities.  The PW department also maintains the two Municipal landfill sites. Other activities include field work for Municipal Administration and signage installation and repair.

Charles Saunders, Roads Crew Lead Hand – Charles is the longest serving

member of the Public Works department at 15+ years, on top of 15 years with the

MTO, also in this area.  As a working foreman he is essentially the right-hand

person to the Superintendent and helps in overseeing the crew in the field. In

addition to operating all municipal equipment, Charles is the primary motor-

grader operator for the Municipality.  Charles has a wealth of historical

knowledge of the roads and drainage systems in Magnetawan

due to long residency and close involvement with the roads.

Jason Cottrell, Gary Coombs & Matt Towler, Operators—these three well-experienced gentlemen are the body of the Roads crew.  They are all professional driver/operators holding AZ licenses and several other certificates of specialized training.  In the winter they may be ploughing snow and sanding or other winter control functions such as snow bank removal.  Each operator has their own snow route.  Often they must change shift in order to best deal with a snowfall and can be seen in the very early hours of the morning keeping the roads safe for school buses, emergency vehicles and the travelling public.  All crew members perform inspections and light maintenance on their trucks and plow equipment.  In the early spring culvert steaming and pot hole repair are the primary activities.  Summer activities include cold-patching, surface gravel placement, culvert installation, clearing the never-ending beaver blockages on drainage channels as well as many other functions.

Tom Tilson, Landfill Sites Lead HandTom is responsible for maintaining both Municipal landfills (Chapman and Croft) and has been largely responsible for organizing both sites and tidying them up.  In winter he works alone but in summer when the landfills are busy Tom directs the efforts of three temporary labourers so that both landfills can be open simultaneously.  Tom is also a very well experienced heavy equipment operator and apart from his regular duties at the dumps he is occasionally called upon to assist the Roads crew in winter by operating the reserve snow plough.

Bruce Hill, Superintendent of Public Works is the overall manager of Public Works, both Roads and Landfill.  He gives general direction to the crew, prepares the summer work plan, prioritizes road and drainage works as directed by Council and manages the operating budget.   Equally important is the management of the capital budget that funds the larger, generally contracted projects and the planning of the work involved.  Bruce also prepares Requests for Tender (RFT) and Requests for Proposal (RFP) and works with the Clerk-Administrator and with consulting engineers in the award of contracts.  Part of Bruce’s function is to advise Council in matters of Public Works and engineering.


Parks: The Parks and Maintenance Department has a fulltime staff of three plus another three

during the summer months.  The staff is responsible for the upkeep of all municipal buildings including setting up for events at the community centre and the Lions pavilion.  The crew looks after snow plowing of municipal parking lots and the clearing of sidewalks and maintaining the rink during the winter months. From spring through fall they are responsible for grounds keeping and lawn maintenance at all the parks, municipal buildings and cemeteries in Magnetawan and Ahmic Harbour.

Logan Bigelow and Ian Gordon – have been with the municipality since 2008 and 2009 respectively and form the core Parks staff. Each is very knowledgeable with all aspects of the job and the municipality. They are very approachable and are more than willing to help out with any questions the public may have.

Steve Robinson, Parks and Maintenance Manager Steve started with the municipality in 2013 as a seasonal labourer with parks and rec and worked his way up the ranks in roads and the landfill filling in when needed.   As manager Steve looks after the day to day operations of the municipality as well as the cemeteries.

Private Road Grants: Magnetawan Council has approved a program to assist residents who                                                       use private roads with the costs of summer maintenance.  The objective of these grants is to assist and encourage the regular maintenance and improvement of private roads and right-of-ways, resulting in better traffic accessibility, including fire, police and first responders. For 2017 the grant is equal to $250 per kilometer plus $40.00 per uniquely-owned property that fronts the private road.  Those interested are required to form a “road maintenance group” comprised of a minimum of 2/3 of residents who use the road and share in the costs of its maintenance.  Following the completion of summer maintenance, a grant application, plus the required documentation of participation by the residents and copies of invoices will be forwarded to the Clerk-Administrator for review and authorization.  The grant will be payable to the “road maintenance group” as a whole and not to individual property owners.  Further information can be found on the municipal website, and the deadline for applications is September 30, 2017.

Your ideas, suggestions, questions and comments are welcomed.


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