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SCHEDULE ‘A’ to By-law 2017-06

Private Road Grants Policy


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  1. 1. GENERAL

This Policy outlines the manner in which the Municipality of Magnetawan will distribute  Private Road Grants. These grants will assist property owners with costs for the summer maintenance of private roads and right-of-ways (ROWs), resulting in better accessibility and safety for traffic.

Grants are not guaranteed, and due to budgeting constraints, grants may be curtailed at any time by resolution of Council.

Council may from time to time establish further conditions regarding the approval of grants that may be applied generally or to a specific situation.

The Municipality of Magnetawan shall have no responsibility or obligation or exercise any degree of operational control with respect to maintenance of the affected private road or ROW.


Private Road means a road that is located on private lands that is used to access more than one property with a unique owner and includes a right of way (ROW).

Summer Maintenance means work that is done on a Private Road to make substantial improvements to the Private Road’s form or function, and does not include plowing, sanding, salting or any other form of winter maintenance.

    1. i. Property owners with lands fronting on a Private Road, including the owners of vacant or undeveloped lots, may form a Road Maintenance Group which shall include and represent at least two-thirds (2/3) of those property owners, and the Group shall appoint a representative;

  1. ii. The Road Maintenance Group shall contract or have performed the necessary Summer Maintenance to the Private Road and shall keep all resulting receipts or invoices. The Road Maintenance Group shall be solely responsible to oversee the administration and supervision of annual work programs and related budgets.

  1. iii. The Road Maintenance Group shall complete and submit the attached Application for Private Road Grant prior to the specified deadline;

  1. iv. All applications shall be submitted to the Clerk-Administrator, who shall have the authority to determine grant eligibility and to authorize grants based on the following criteria:

a) documentation of participation by two-thirds (2/3) of property owners in sharing the costs of Summer Maintenance (e.g., list of signatures);

b) documentation of a dedicated bank account for the purpose of receiving the grant; and

c) inclusion of paid invoices for Summer Maintenance expenditures in the current year;

  1. v. The total annual grant amount shall be set by Council during the annual budget process. Individual grant amounts shall be determined based on a maximum amount equal to “X” factor plus “Y” factor. “X” factor shall represent a dollar value per kilometre of roadway and  “Y” factor shall represent a dollar value per unique property (meaning that two properties on the Private Road with a common owner are counted as one property);

  1. vi. Grants shall be paid in one lump sum to the Road Maintenance Group;


Grants shall be calculated based on the length of the Private Road, and the number of properties with unique ownership that the Private Road services, or “X” factor plus “Y” factor.

The formula to determine the eligible amount for each grant shall be a maximum of:

(“X” x $250.00 ) + (“Y” x $40.00)


“X” equals the length of the Private Road in kilometres; and

“Y” equals the number of properties with unique ownership along the Private Road

Example Calculation

Bumpy Road is a Private Road located in the Municipality of Magnetawan and is 2.5 km in length. Although there are twenty properties along Bumpy Road, only ten of them have unique owners. Owners from seven of the ten unique properties have formed the Bumpy Road Maintenance Group and appointed Mr. Smooth as the Group’s representative. Mr. Smooth has opened a separate bank account in the Group’s name.

In the summer of 2017, the Bumpy Road Maintenance Group hires a company to place and grade two tonnes of fill on Bumpy Road for a total cost of $2,000. The Group pays the contractor in full for the work and material.

The Group completes and submits an application to the Municipality prior to the deadline.

They calculate the “X” factor as:                                                       2.5 km x $250 = $  625.00

They calculate the “Y” factor as:                                10 property owners x $40.00 = $  400.00

The total grant requested is equal to “X” plus “Y”                                                   = $1,025.00

The Bumpy Road Maintenance Group is eligible for a maximum grant of $1,025.00.

Following the application deadline, Magnetawan staff reviews all applications and approves grants from funds as allocated in the annual budget. The Bumpy Road Maintenance Group may receive the maximum grant if:

  • the total of all grants in that year is less than the amount allocated in that year’s budget; and

  • the Group’s maintenance costs were greater than the maximum eligible grant amount.


Submission deadline: September 30th

Private Road Name or Location:__________________________________

Length of Private Road (km): ____________________________________  (“X”)

Number of unique property owners: _______________________________ (“Y”)

Maximum Eligible grant: ________________________________________

(“X” x  $250.00)  +  (“Y” x  $40.00)

Road Maintenance Group Name: _______________________________________________________

Number of participating property owners: ________________________________________________

Total paid for Summer Maintenance (current year):  $______________________________________

(please attach all receipts/invoices)

Road Maintenance Group Representative:

Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________________________________

Magnetawan Address: __________________________________________________________

Mailing Address (if different): ____________________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________________

I certify that all of the information above is to the best of my knowledge and belief true, correct and complete.

__________________________________                                        _____________________________

Signature of Road Maintenance                                                                        Date signed

Group representative

PDF Version: pdfMagnetawan_By-law_2017-06_Schedule_A_Private_Roads_Grant_Policy.pdf248.38 KB

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