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Hand Operated Dam & Locks

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Hand operated Dam and Locks are located on the Magnetawan River in the heart of the Village of Magnetawan. Without these locks and dam the history of this area and its riverboat traffic would have been extremely different. Follow the link for more detailed information.

Echo Rock

Located east of the village off Highway 520 and accessible only by water. A high rock with an excellent view of Cecebe Lake produces unique four way echoes.

Shipwreck of the Wenoah

The first passenger boat and the first through the new lock July 8,1886, was a paddle wheeler Wenonah built at the wharf in Burks Falls. She was the only one of her kind to ply the river; she measured 94 feet with an 18 foot beam, the deck was 26 feet wide.

After 20 years of service she was dry-docked and in 1906 was converted to a tug. The Wenonah was not fated to serve as a towboat very long. One afternoon during the summer of 1908, the old steamer, commanded by Captain Stephen Croswell of Ahmic Harbour, left the wharf at Midlothian for Magnetawan with an empty scow in tow. She did not get far before sparks from the fireboxes apparently ignited the cordwood being used for fuel, and soon flames were spreading around her stack. Unable to check the blaze, the crew took to the scow, and were soon picked up by local people who had seen what was happening. The engine, still functioning, took the burning vessel over to the foot of Echo Rock on the south side of Lake Cecebe. Here she finally filled and sank. The engine and boiler were later retrieved, but the bottom of the hull, containing the remains of the steel firebox, can still be seen to this day.

The Lighthouse

With the Growing water traffic, the need arose of a marker in the river entering the locks, and so the lighthouse was built. The boat captains signaled their arrival to the lockmaster by three blasts on the whistles they passed the lighthouse. Mrs. Nicholson, who lived nearby, lit a lamp every evening. This was demolished years later, but in 1995, the Magnetawan River Heritage Association had a replica built on the original site. A reproduction of this historic lighthouse is located above the dam and locks in Lake Cecebe. The Lighthouse is visible from the "Dam Trail" on the Island in Magnetawan or from Highway 520 east of the village.

The Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail winds its way through the area; the Seguin Trail from Parry Sound to Seguin Falls and the Old Nipissing Road North to Magnetawan and beyond are now part of the Trans Canada. For more information go to following link.

Trans Canada Trail

Knoepfli Falls

The Knoepli Falls was built at the same time as the locks and dam in Magnetawan. This falls can be seen from Hwy .#124 This picturesque falls is magnificent considering at it actually has a purpose. The dam was erected to raise the water height in Ahmic Lake, this enabled the steamboats to enter the lake and deposit both passengers and cargo in Ahmic Harbour, during the exploration of our district.

Turn right (west) on Hwy 124 at Sundridge. Drive west about 25 km to Hwy 510 which goes south to Magnetawan. Continue west on Hwy 124 for another 7 km. to a bridge crossing over the river. The falls are to your left. You cant safely park on the highway, so turn around and backtrack east for a few hundred metres to short road leading south (right) to a dead-end at the abandoned bridge over the crest of the falls. The total fall here is probably less than 7 or 8 m, and is spread over a long stretch of close to 100 m of bubbling, boiling waters. The river starts to fall at a very low dam under an old abandoned concrete bridge over the river. It then splits into two long, narrow, bedrock lined channels, each separated by a long, low rock ridge visible in the photograph. The two channels combine into one about 10m before the river flows under Hwy 124. After a few small rapids downstream of the bridge, the river calms down into flat-water. You can walk around the bedrock and open woods surrounding this falls.

Fagans Falls

The small cascade is located immediately downstream of a little water level dam at the northern tip of Old Mill Bay on Ahmic Lake. The falls is about 3 or 4 m high, falling over a length of 10-15 m . Located on a short road to a small lodge or family The small branch of the Magnetawan River flows north for about 1.5 km before joining the main branch, just upstream of Poverty Bay Chute. Turn right (west) on Hwy 124 at Sundridge. Drive west about 25 km to Hwy 510 which goes south to Magnetawan. Continue west on Hwy 124 for another 7 km to Knoefli Falls and continue west for another 1.5 km to Robinson Dr. Turn left here and drive a few hundred metres to the falls

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